Thursday, 27 November 2014

Harry Potter and the Quidditch Survivor Chapter 3 Series 2 The Letter

A sudden voice run through the corridor. "What has happened? It's just like the chamber of secrets!" said the woman. She had an old hat and weared a bun. Black and green robes. It was Proffesor McGonagall.
She took a letter from Scorpius' hand. She read:

Not like the Chamber of Secrets.
We fear of people who deserved to be punished.
The survivor is at point. Be aware. Don't fear Quidditch.
Murdering is my job. I'll have to kill those who deserve!
Petrify those who have taken points off. Attacks are about to start. Protecting the castle wont do anything. We are behind the walls.
If you search you will never find us. If you go by, we are here to KILL YOU!

McGonagall had a shocked face. "The students are in danger! What can we do?!" she said in a stunned voice. "Nothing" said a man standing aside her. It was Proffesor Gerick. He looked at Albus. Then took his face off him. He had blood in his neck. "Who did all of this?" said Profesor McGonagall. "We never know" said Gerick "If the culprate is found, we'll do him!" The two of them went outside. The train was in ruins. Instead of letting the train there they shouted"Reparo!" the train was fixed in an instant and went to Hogwarts. McGonagall and Gerick made Mandrake soup to revive the students. When they all had the soup, they slept. They were no longer petrified, but still in a deep sleep.

Rose woke up in the hospital wing. She was amazed in what was around her. Her eyes gloomed and saw a very strange looking man. He carried a broom and his wand pointing at her. The only thing he said was "Sectum Sempra!" Rose was covered in blood...

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  1. Cool! Is this part really true or you made it up?

  2. I endeude made it up. It just came out of my head.