Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Harry Potter and the Quidditch Survivor Chapter 2 Series 2 Scorpius Malfoy

Albus could feel the bump when the train left. He could hear all the screaming and shouting of
the students repeating "Bye Mum, Bye Dad". The train was fast, but you couldn't notice the rapidity.
Rose Weasley was infront of them. Albus and James didn't know who she was. They stared at her madly. "Would you like anything from the trolley dears?" said the lady carrying the trolley.
She looked a little plum faced.  "Of course! I'm starving give me everything! Take these galleons please!" shouted Rose. The lady went, but the two boys kept staring. "Emm hello. I'm Rose Weasley Granger. Nice too meet you." she said with a clever voice. "Hi this is my brother Albus Potter Weasley and i'm James Potter Weasley." said James. "WEASLEY! SAME NAME AS MINE! YOU TWO ARE MY COUSINS!" exclaimed Rose. Albus carried "How come we not know each other then!" "I DON'T KNOW, BUT YOU ARE ALSO POTTER?!!"screamed Rose. "Yeah my dad's famous!" said James. Copying the idea of talking clever from Rose. Some footsteps approached them. It was coming nearer and nearer.

And clearly a yellow haired boy with an evilish looking face stood aside them. "Famous?" he said with a stupid voice. "Your Potter dad isn't it? I'm Malfoy, Scorpius Malfoy."he said looking at Rose.
"What are you? A mudblood I suppose." Scorpius spat. Rose stood up and shouted " I'M NOT A MUDBLOOD! OTHERWISE I'LL CALL YOU MUDBLOOD YOU FILTHY MUDBLOOD!""Shut up mudblood, you're probably the poorest!"Malfoy laughfed. "I TOLD YOU I'M NOT A MUDBLOOD!"she said. Sudennly the students stopped speaking. Just because they could hear Rose.
Weirdly, Malfoy fell. He looked petrified. Then a girl near by fell to. Sudennly all the students fell petrified. Some with a little blood. The train had collapsed...


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